hostage rescue

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Maryland Police Ground commander explains how rescue was done

The Maryland Police Ground commander explains how they were able to rescue the hostages. Note the DIFFERENCE in decisiveness, tactics, and leadership.

Hostage rescue: the problem of jurisdiction

One issue that was raised in the recent Luneta Hostage incident was how come other SWAT teams and units were not allowed to participate in the rescue?

Philippine Hostage Rescue: A history of friendly fire casualties

To those who are familiar with Philippine hostage rescue attempts in the last 10 years, the Quirino Grandstand Hostage incident should not have come as a surprise. Three previous well-publicized incidents clearly show the lack of capability of our military and police to execute a surgical hostage rescue operation.

Is the Media a problem in Hostage rescue?

The Philippine Media is currently under fire for its live coverage of the Manila Hostage Incident. However, consider these two very famous hostage rescue incidents which had live media and press coverage and still the hostage rescuers got the job done.

Simple but effective

Here's a simple but effective way of dealing with a hostage taker who's open and exposed. The PNP could have done this earlier during the crisis when they sent in the negotiator and the perp was standing in the doorway of the bus. There would have been no need to send in SWAT or Tactical Units and it would have ended the crisis immediately. No wonder the Chinese are so pissed at us right now, to them, the solution is very simple.


This was emailed to me by a veteran security consultant friend of mine who also happens to be a SWAT instructor. (name withheld upon request)

How it's done

The PNP could learn a thing or two from these operators. Here's a clear example on how to properly assault a bus.


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