HB 6776

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Should Firearms Dealers Represent the Interests of Firearms Owners and the Shooting Community?

As we have seen in the recent opposition of PROGUN to House Bill No. 6776, the Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers (AFAD) took a contrary stance and actually supported the Bill. If we all share a common interest in preserving and supporting the shooting sports, why did the AFAD represent their own interests instead of siding with the greater interests of the shooting community? Upon reading the AFAD position paper on the matter, it was stated that they were against the proliferation of illegal and smuggled firearms.

Will Increasing Penalties Deter the Commission of Crimes?

The recent House Bill No. 6776 which was introduced and backed by the Philippine National Police sought to substantially increase the penalties for illegal possession of firearms, gun smuggling, and illegal manufacture of firearms to 30 years to life imprisonment. PROGUN was the ONLY firearms organization which OPPOSED HB 6776 both in the House and the Senate, as being unconstitutional, too harsh and unfair, and anti-people. Eventually the vehement opposition by PROGUN resulted in the defeat of the Bill.

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