Gun license

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PNP Revokes gun license of Motorist who assaulted MMDA traffic enforcer: Is this legal?

Can a firearms license be canceled by the PNP just simply because a criminal case was filed against you even if the case is unrelated to the alleged offense committed? This was anissue when I was sitting in the PNP national Firearms Control Committee in 2009. Several incidents were discussed such as the "nutty professor" of AMA who beat up and threatened a gas station boy and his IWB pistol was showing protruding from his back, and the Richard Ordonez and Cheryl Cosim incident in Proj 8. When i was asked for my opinion, my opinion then, as it is now, is that the mere filing of criminal charges against a person cannot result in the cancellation of his firearms licenses unless the firearm was itself used in the commission of the alleged crime and is considered as evidence.

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