Gun Ban

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A perspective from Cambodia and Vietnam

Karlon Rama, who writes for Sun Star was recently in Vietnam and Cambodia. From there he gives us a perspective of other Southeast Asian countries that have enforced a gun ban. Can we expect the Philippines to be much different?

"Unarmed. Cambodia, which I had just left days ago, and Vietnam, where I am currently, are two Southeast Asian countries where private firearm ownership is restricted.

Only policemen and soldiers have guns. It is a badge of power.

They carry it proudly as they enter bars and help themselves to a bottle of Anchor, Heineken or Halida.

The ordinary resident can do nothing.

Not surprisingly, stories of human rights abuses here are commonplace. This is the utopia people like Jesus Versoza want to bring about.

And yet, on a more mundane level, there is also the existence of crime--the absence of private firearm ownership notwithstanding.

Gun Ban or better law enforcement and police visibility?

What prevents criminals from committing crimes? Is it More laws? Increasing penalties? Or Gun bans? By their very nature, criminals are criminals because they do not follow the laws or rules. That is why criminals are also called "law breakers." By definition they break the law.

The deterrent effect of increasing penalties and more laws has long been discredited. More laws do not deter the commission of crime. It is the act of apprehending and jailing criminals which deters them from committing crime. The most strict laws in the world will never prevent the commission of crimes if there is no effective enforcement of these laws.

Manila Bulletin: Permit to carry, first defense

Erik Espina from the Manila Bulletin reminds us that we should look at the real motives behind gun control:

"When presidents begin to disallow ownership or the carrying of its own citizens of the means to protect themselves; when governments begin suspecting its own citizens as part of the peril to law & order, because they are registered/legal holders or carriers of guns, then it is time for the sovereign people to be suspicious of the motives of such prohibition."

Read the full article in Manila Bulletin: Permit to carry, first defense.

Philippine Star: PROGUN refutes Chief PNP Gen. Jesus Verzosa on Gun Ban

Gun owners' group asks PNP to reconsider gun ban extension 
By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) Updated May 25, 2010 12:00 AM

PNP to hold summit on extended gun ban

PNP to hold summit on extended gun ban 

President NoyNoy Aquino states on radio that he is against the gun ban

President-elect Noynoy Aquino was just interviewed on radio earlier today. He categorically stated that he was against the gun ban extension. He further stated that the gun ban affects only legitimate gun owners and not criminals who do not respect the ban. He also cited the numerous people who were killed during the gun ban which proves that the gun ban does not work.

We support the President-elect for his pro-gun stand, which is an accord with reason and logic. PROGUN has always been against the imposition of any type of gun ban, and we are glad that we finally have a President who shares the same views.

We salute and support you Mr. President! It only proves that our votes and suport for your campaign were not fruitless. Mabuhay kayo Noynoy!

The Philippines under a total gun ban

Recently, the PNP, under its chief General Jesus Verzosa, proposed a permanent total gun ban. Chief Verzosa seems to conveniently ignore the fact that, to date, there have been no cases anywhere in the world where a ban has effectively prevented criminals from obtaining weapons.

To see how the Philippines might look if it continues on this course, we need only look to Jamaica. The former Spanish possession changed hands with the British to become a colony for around 300 years. Jamaica attained full independence in the 1960s, after which it experienced strong economic growth. Its prosperity didn't last long, however, as in the 1970s it suffered from growing inequality and fell into economic deterioration.

Comelec Gun ban to be extended or made permanent?

There is much talk now about the proposal to extend the Comelec gun ban or make it permanent. This began with the statement of Gen. Jesus Verzosa, the Chief PNP, that due to the perceived effectiveness of the total gun ban during the comelec campaign period and the alleged low incidence of crime during this period, there is a supposed "clamor" for the gun ban to be made permanent.

Sandra Cam Refused Police Protection

Whistel blower Wilfredo "Boy" Mayor was shot dead by hit men while riding his car in Pasay last Sunday. He was known for his testimony in the Jueteng hearings before the Senate against Mike and Mikey Arroyo.

Now, co-whistle blower Sandra Cam, is asking for police protection. For some reason, the PNP will  not give her any protection. The Comelec says , "go through the usual procedure and make the request." By that time she will be dead.

I have said this so many times: WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM? There are 125,000 sworn police officers in this country. I see hundreds of them walking around doing nothing in Camp Crame and elsewhere. How come Sandra cam, who has a legitimate need for protection, cannot be given any?

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