firearms policies

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The Problem with Changing of the Guard

The perennial problem with dealing with government agencies is that every time there i a change of administration, or a revamp or a reshuffle, the policies also change, oftentimes drastically. This latest problem of refusal of the PNP FED to issue permits to carry outside of reisdence or permits to transport which are only for a few days or event specific, highlights this recurring issue. A statement from the "desk of the president" of the PPSA blog was picked up which stated that as per their meetng with Chief PNP and other officials, no more PTTs were going to be issued for 3 months, as previously was the case. Instead, they would only be for a few days to a week at most. Likewise, there is talk that PTTs would now be 'merged" with the PTCFORs, if at all they would be allowed to be issued.

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