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The Shepherd and the Sheep

Today as we celebrate father's day we reflect about the role of a father vis-a-vis his family. As the head of the family, one of a father's principal roles is to protect his family, i.e., his wife and children, and other members of his household. Securing one's loved ones is a primary role which Jesus Christ Himself teaches in the parable of the Good Shepherd: "I am the Good Shepherd who unlike the hired help is willing to die for my flock." A father is a Good Shepherd protecting his flock pursuant to his divinely ordained task.

The father who fails or refuses to protect his family and loved ones and unduly places them in harms way is remiss in his duties as a father. Moreover, to abdicate this duty to persons who are incapable of providing such protection and security is downright irresponsible, to say the least.

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