Election Gun Ban

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Pro-ban advocates: October stats show no decrease in violent crime

The October 2010 crime figures from the PROGUN Crime Statistics Project are now available.

Chart showing increase in incidents for October 2010

As you can see, there was a slight upsurge in incidents and fatalities during the Barangay Election gun ban. The difference isn't statistically significant but it is interesting to note that there was no definite decrease in violent crime.


Gun violence

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The Story of Dra. Jasmin J. Navarro: Shot and Killed During Election Gun Ban

Recently, I received a very compelling email. It was from a fellow I never met. His story hit me in the gut, caused me to shed a tear, and made me feel rotten about the entire justice system of which I myself am a part of. It also highlights the great challenge that our countrymen have in their elusive quest for justice.

We in PROGUN missed reporting the story of Dra. Navarro in our Comelec crime statistics project last June. So I deemed it fit to report this particular incident, as told by her son in his own words:


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