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May 2013: Thus far the bloodiest month of the year.

As widely anticipated, the month of May 2013 turned out to be the bloodiest thus far of this year. Expectedly, the 13 May elections and the period early in the month immediately leading up to the event, raised the bar for violence as never before in Philippine election history: Incidents: 491, Injuries: 333, Killed: 405. Sadly, these figures were missed by the mainstream media and were picked up only by the smaller news agencies.

In stark contrast, war torn Iraq listed the following deaths for March 2013: 33 deaths, and for February 2013: 22 deaths. Source: http://www.iraqbodycount.org/database/. Of course, Iraq is a failed state where violence, crime, and terrorism is rampant, whereas the Philippines claims to be a democratic country ruled by a constitutional government and the rule of law. Considering the foregoing comparison, it makes one wonder which is a better and safer place to live?

Election violence in Lanao

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