Crime rate

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Philippine Violent Crime Rate now Double for the Same period in 2010, Killings rise by eight times.

PROGUN has now recorded 1210 violent crime incidents in which there were 610 injuries and 967 fatalities from the bginning of the COMELEC Gun ban from January 2013 up to the close of 31 March 2013. This figure is now equal to the number of violent incidents for the ENTIRE 5 month gun ban period of 2010. If this trend continues it will make this election period of 2013 one of the bloodiest election periods in Philippine History. The crime statistics can be viewed here:

It has been reported in the mainstream news that 2,000 gun ban violators have allegedly been arrested. However, majority of these alleged gun ban ban violators are ordinary otherwise honest citizens, security guards and police and military personnel themselves, who simply seek to protect themselves or who have made an error of judgment. But it is clear that inspite of the enforcement of the comlec gun ban, IT HAS NOT HAD ANY EFFECT ON THE VIOLENT CRIME RATE, WHICH HAS IN FACT GONE UPWARDS TO ASTRONONMICAL PROPORTIONS.

We likewise note that Comelec personnel have armed themselves with submachine guns and pistols under the cloak of their gun ban exemptions granted by their own agency. Do they need such firepower, which serves merely to reinforce the notion that there still exists an armed threat in spite of the so-called gun ban?

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