Concealed carry

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Secretary of Justice wants guns for judges and lawyers

MANILA, Philippines - Justice Secretary Leila de Lima yesterday supported a proposal to allow judges and lawyers to carry firearms to defend themselves amid rising cases of attacks targeting them.

This developed as the Supreme Court (SC) continues with its program to prepare and train judges nationwide to defend themselves from possible attacks that could be related to their work.

In an interview with Agence France Presse, De Lima also called on judges and lawyers to undergo training on practical shooting and driving as precautionary measure against possible ambush attacks.

“Their line of work makes them natural targets of harassment and violence, especially because of weak enforcement of laws and a prevailing culture of impunity,” she said.

Philippine Daily Inquirer Reporter packs a gun, wears bullet-proof vest

By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:22:00 11/23/2010

Armed Woman catches Home Burglar

This is a good example of how concealed carry works in the real world in preventing crime.

Anti-concealed carry 'experiment'

This video is another example of propaganda masked as unbiased reporting. In fact, it only reinforces what firearms experts have been saying for decades: if you're going to carry, make sure you train.

Wouldn't you feel safer with a gun?

The Sunday Times

From The Times September 8, 2007

Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun?

British attitudes are supercilious and misguided

 Richard Munday

Despite the recent spate of shootings on our streets, we pride ourselves on our strict gun laws.

Concealed Carry Self- Defense

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