Comelec gun ban

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PROGUN Crime Statistics Project to continue till end of 2013

By popular request and as per agreement between the PROGUN board, we will continue our crime statistics project till the end of the year 2013. There is another upcoming Comelec Gun Ban which will take effect in October to coincide with the Barangay elections. The purpose of our crime statistics project is to chart the trend of crimes during the gun ban period and in between.

COMELEC GUN BAN 2013: What we have learned

As of 13 June 2013, the COMELEC gun ban was lifted. It was in force since 13 January 2013 within which period all licensed and legitimate gun owners were not allowed to carry their firearms outside of their residences, due to the election period. Both the COMELEC and the Philippine National Police have hailed this gun ban as having been "effective" and that crime rates and election violence went substantially down during the period. The PNP has even issued a statement, albeit falsely, that there were only 58 election related violence incidents during this gun ban period. We refuted these figures as being false and/or innacurate, insamuch as we had listed the correct figures of violent crime incidents during the gun ban period as being recorded as 2324 violent crime incidents in which there were 1189 injuries and 1862 fatalities during the gun ban period.

Nevertheless there are a number of trends and lessons that can be inferred from our criime statistics project for this comelec gun ban of 2013 which are:

1. The COMELEC gun ban is INEFFECTIVE in preventing or detering violent crimes and election related violence. During this period, election related and other violent crimes, continued unabated and the perpetrators were neither detered nor apprehended from committing these crimes. We have not heard also of anyone having been prosecuted and convicted of these crimes committed.

May 2013: Thus far the bloodiest month of the year.

As widely anticipated, the month of May 2013 turned out to be the bloodiest thus far of this year. Expectedly, the 13 May elections and the period early in the month immediately leading up to the event, raised the bar for violence as never before in Philippine election history: Incidents: 491, Injuries: 333, Killed: 405. Sadly, these figures were missed by the mainstream media and were picked up only by the smaller news agencies.

In stark contrast, war torn Iraq listed the following deaths for March 2013: 33 deaths, and for February 2013: 22 deaths. Source: Of course, Iraq is a failed state where violence, crime, and terrorism is rampant, whereas the Philippines claims to be a democratic country ruled by a constitutional government and the rule of law. Considering the foregoing comparison, it makes one wonder which is a better and safer place to live?

ELECTION DAY VIOLENCE 2013: 27 Violent incidents, 64 injured, 30 killed

Election day 2013 proved to be business as usual for the criminals, insurgents, and warring clans, and political warlords. The total tally of violent crimes committed on election day itself was 27 incidents, 64 injuries, and 30 killed. Again, this disputes the COMELEC and PNP claim that there were allegedly only 7 deaths on election day.

This is for the election day itself only. In comparison, the total number of violent crime incidents during the entire election period now stands at 1861 incidents of which there were 961 injuries and 1458 killed from January to the present date.

Our PROGUN Crime Statistics ongoing tally may be viewed here:

On the Eve of 2013 Elections: 1317 killed and 810 injured during the Comelec Gun Ban Period, to date.

This week the Philippine National Police and Secretary Mar Roxas released their crime figures for this 2013 election period as allegedly having only 17 violent crime incidents during this Comelec Gun ban. PROGUN disputes this since in reality on the eve of the 2013 elections, we have tallied a total of 1688 violent crime incidents, of which 1317 people have been killed and 810 have been injured, thus far. These figures surpass the previous record of violent crime incidents during a Philippine election which was previously held by the elections of 2001 under Chairman Alfredo Benipayo. As compared to the same period of 2010, during the last presidential elections, violent crime rate has risen by eight times.

When public officials engage in intellectual dishonesty, and mislead the public, it is bad enough. However, deliberately misleading the public about the state of peace and order in our country, inculcates a false sense of security in the mind of the public that everything is in order and that our security is safe. This can have disastrous and deadly consequences, when as we are seeing now, that this false sense of secuirty mulls the public into complacency about personal security and safety, and over dependence upon the capabilities of the police who are incapable of protecting the public against this crime wave. The number of people killed and injured in the Philippines between January to May 2013 rivals that of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Philippine Violent Crime Rate now Double for the Same period in 2010, Killings rise by eight times.

PROGUN has now recorded 1210 violent crime incidents in which there were 610 injuries and 967 fatalities from the bginning of the COMELEC Gun ban from January 2013 up to the close of 31 March 2013. This figure is now equal to the number of violent incidents for the ENTIRE 5 month gun ban period of 2010. If this trend continues it will make this election period of 2013 one of the bloodiest election periods in Philippine History. The crime statistics can be viewed here:

It has been reported in the mainstream news that 2,000 gun ban violators have allegedly been arrested. However, majority of these alleged gun ban ban violators are ordinary otherwise honest citizens, security guards and police and military personnel themselves, who simply seek to protect themselves or who have made an error of judgment. But it is clear that inspite of the enforcement of the comlec gun ban, IT HAS NOT HAD ANY EFFECT ON THE VIOLENT CRIME RATE, WHICH HAS IN FACT GONE UPWARDS TO ASTRONONMICAL PROPORTIONS.

We likewise note that Comelec personnel have armed themselves with submachine guns and pistols under the cloak of their gun ban exemptions granted by their own agency. Do they need such firepower, which serves merely to reinforce the notion that there still exists an armed threat in spite of the so-called gun ban?

COMELEC GUN BAN statistics project 2013: Volunteers needed!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! for PROGUN Comelec 2013 gun ban crime statistics project. Please contribute shooting data from your region during the Comelec gun and and enter here in our database: (click on REPORT INCIDENT on upper left hand corner  Anyone can contribute to the incident reports. So if you know of any shooting incidents during this Comelec Gun ban period from 13 january till June 5, 2013, kindly copy paste the incident resport from online news sources or narrate yourself any and all shooting incident if the incident is unreported in the news. Thank you.

Airsoft, pellet guns covered by poll gun ban—Comelec

Airsoft, pellet guns covered by poll gun ban—Comelec

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