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Barangay Elections Gun Ban: A Basket Case for Criminality

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Gun ban began once again last 28 September 2013. It will be in force until 13 November 2013, or during the election period of the Barangay elections. During this election gun ban period, all licensed gun owners are prohibited from carrying their guns outside their residence, unless they apply for and are granted an exemption from Comelec. This year is unique in that we have experienced two Comelec gun bans this year: the senatorial and local elections last May and the barangay elections this October.
A gun ban is certainly intended to have noble effects: to disarm otherwise violent politicians and warlords (and their private armies), and prevent them from killing each other as theyr regularly do every Philippine election. However, this is a case where the means did not bring about the intended end. Needless to say, violent crime and killings continued, as usual. The Comelec gun ban which was intended to curb shootings, had no effect whatsoever on the incidence of violent crime and shootings. Likewise, as expected, the only people who followed the gun ban were the legitimate citizens, whereas the criminals exempted themselves and continued to rob, kill, steal, and kidnap.

In the end, as always, the ultimate losers in this case, are the ordinary citizens who are now left defenseless.


In the two weeks of the COMELEC Gun Ban 2013, we have recorded for this first month of January , 341 violent crime incidents in which there were 157 injuries and 313 fatalities, as of 31 January 2013. Among the violent crime incidents were spectacular robberies/ hold-ups in the heart of Metro Manila, high profile murders and assassinations of politicians and businessmen, courtroom murders and violence, and ambushes resulting in massacres of innocent civilians, police, and soldiers.

It is clear from these incidents that the COMELEC GUN BAN is an epic failure. As predicted beforehand, only the law abiding citizens and licensed gun owners are affected by the gun ban and are prevented by law from bringing their firearms outisde of residence. Sensing this disarmament, the criminals, assassins, warlords,  and robbers now know that the civilian population is now defenseless and have acted accordingly, and commenced with a massive crime wave of shootings, robberies, and murders.


CEBU CITY (Updated 10:05 a.m.) -- Two persons were killed while another was wounded in a gun attack inside the Palace of Justice in Cebu City Tuesday morning, a radio report said.

Victims Dr. Rene Rafols and his lawyer Julian Atias were shot dead by a certain John H. Pope, a retired Canadian journalist, as the Municipal Trial Court in Cities branch 6 was about the start his inquest for six counts of malicious mischief.

The report said Dr. Rafols was the complainant in the case.

Group urges Palace to certify gun control bills

Group urges Palace to certify gun control bills

By Alcuin Papa

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 08:40:00 02/12/2011

Filed Under: Legislation, Benigno Aquino III, comelec, RP peace process

MANILA, Philippines—Civic and religious groups led by three former senators and bishops are urging the President to certify as urgent a gun control bill to stem the rising incidence of crimes in the streets.

In a signed statement, the group calling itself Mga Tagatulak ng Kapayapaan (Peace Movers) called on President Aquino to consolidate two gun control bills pending in the House of Representatives and the Senate into one measure and certify it as urgent. The group sent a letter through Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma.

Pro-ban advocates: October stats show no decrease in violent crime

The October 2010 crime figures from the PROGUN Crime Statistics Project are now available.

Chart showing increase in incidents for October 2010

As you can see, there was a slight upsurge in incidents and fatalities during the Barangay Election gun ban. The difference isn't statistically significant but it is interesting to note that there was no definite decrease in violent crime.


Today marks the Barangay Elections of 2010. It also marks the one month period since the latest Comelec Gun latest gun ban has been implemented. Practically 99.9% of all citizens, including gun owners, do not have anything to do with the barangay elections. The streets are plastered with nameless faces and people we never even met or know. Very few of us are directly involved in these elections, as in any other election. Frankly, most of us couldn't care less who would win or lose. And yet, we the gun owners and ordinary citizens bear the brunt of the oppressive rules such as the gun ban. For this current barangay election, all of us (not just candidates) are restricted from carrying our firearms outside of our residence for the period of one month prior to the elections and for 15 days thereafter or a total period of 45 days.

Another Comelec Gun Ban Coming up

Please be informed that due to the upcoming Synchronized Sagunniang Kabataan and Barangay elections on 25 October 2010, there will be a Comelec Gun Ban this 25 September to 10 November 2010. 

The official Comelec Announcement can be read here:

As per PNP Circular, all PTCFOR's and PTT's are automatically suspended during this period. However, for further reading and information on the legal effect of the Comelec Gun Ban on illegal possession o firearms, read this:

Comelec Gun ban to be extended or made permanent?

There is much talk now about the proposal to extend the Comelec gun ban or make it permanent. This began with the statement of Gen. Jesus Verzosa, the Chief PNP, that due to the perceived effectiveness of the total gun ban during the comelec campaign period and the alleged low incidence of crime during this period, there is a supposed "clamor" for the gun ban to be made permanent.

Gun-ban election of 2010 to be the most violent

On April 5th, we heard from fallujah that the PNP plans to permanently stop issuing permits to carry firearms (PTCFOR). The reason, according to PNP Chief Verzosa, is that they found the total gun ban during the elections to be an effective crime deterrent.

Now we hear from Comelec that the 2010 elections are turning out to be the most violent. What does this do to Chief Verzosa's credibility on anything he says about gun control? Of course, I don't need to answer that question; any thinking person can form his or her own conclusion.

Election Related Violence on the Rise

In spite of the best efforts at imposing a total gun ban, it would seem that the efforts at curbing election related violence have been proven to be a failure. As per the statistics, election related killings and violence has been steadily on the rise since 2001, in spite of the Comelec Gun Ban. The current figures of deaths since 1992 as gathered from the PNP and Inquirer files are that a total of 537 have been killed in election related violence since 1992 up to 2007.

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