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Guidelines for Checkpoints

This article appeared 3 years ago on Since there is a current proposal to increase the number of checkpoints, by popular request, we reproduce it here for reference):If you encounter a checkpoint:

1. The Rule is: The PNP manning the check point are limited only to a VISUAL SEARCH. They are not authorized to open your trunk, compartment, or bags(unless you are stupid enough to consent voluntarily). If they make motions to search your person (body), open your glove compartment or trunk, NEVER VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO OPEN ANYTHING OR ALLOW THEM TO SEARCH YOU. ALWAYS OBJECT.

If the police insist on searching against your will, then the search will be rendered ILLEGAL and can be questioned later, and may be the basis for RETURN or your things, if taken.If you think that you are being subject to an illegal search, discreetly take a video or pictures of the incident with your cell phone camera. This will be VITAL EVIDENCE later on, should you decide to question the search. Also insist on getting the NAMES of the officers, their unit, and their team leader. This is needed later on for IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES should there be a legal proceeding.2. Only ILLEGAL items in PLAIN VIEW can be seized. LEGITIMATE ITEMS cannot not seized. So always HIDE your guns carefully in bags or better in the trunk and make sure they are OUT OF PLAIN SIGHT. Try to cover the gun cases with cloth or other similar item.

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