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Pro-firearms supporters hijack the Obama Administration's social media campaign

The Obama Administration today launched their #NowIsTheTime social media campaign. The idea is for supporters to 'carpet bomb' Twitter and Facebook with posts pushing for gun control.

Well, it seems to have backfired. Not too long after going live, the #NowIsTheTime hashtag on Twitter started showing more pro second-amendment tweets than those calling for gun control. Interestingly enough, the Twitter Top search, which tend to show Tweets from famous names and celebrities, are mostly in support of the Obama Administration. Obviously there is a disparity in views between the common person and the elite. It is a telling parallel with real life, where those who are more privileged tend to also support gun control.

Let's help out our pro-firearms colleagues in America. They are in the front line and whatever passes in the US will eventually affect us in the Philippines. It you have Twitter, post the hashtag #NowIsTheTime along with a pro gun message.

Why would anyone need guns in a modern society?

Britain, the gold standard for gun control

Once again, gun control debates are raging in the United States and now, in the Philippines. Every time there is talk about restricting firearms, anti-gun advocates love wheeling out Great Britain as some sort of gold standard. The old narrative should be familiar:

The United States, with 90 guns for every 100 citizens, is the most heavily armed society in the world. As a result of Americans' stubborn love of their right to bear arms, its cities have become mired in violence, gang shootings and school massacres. Britain, on the other hand, known as having among the strictest gun laws in the world, is a far safer society. Gun crime in the UK is minuscule compared to America and its crime rate is much lower.

Reinforcing this view are the recent spate of mass shootings in the US, together with the announcement that homicide in Britain is at a 30-year low.

Anti-gun politicians are the same the world over

Once again, an anti-gun politician shows his hypocrisy.

Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago and long-time anti-gun advocate, has reportedly requested for at least three police bodyguards to provide him with around-the-clock protection after he leaves office. So while pushing for measures to disarm his fellow citizens, he wants special privileges to keep his own family safe. The very same tax payers whom Mayor Daley wants to deny the means of self-protection will soon be paying to protect him.

In the Philippines, a number of our own politicians are known to favor gun control yet surround themselves with armed bodyguards.

Why the double standards? Perhaps they believe that their lives are worth more than ours.

Official response to Senate Bill No. 129

PROGUN has released an official response to Senate Bill No. 129. You can read it here. Please disseminate it as widely as possible.

Another waste of our tax money

Tighter gun law pressed

"Only persons in authority should carry firearms"

This video reminded me of a comment made a few months ago by Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC). Mr Jimenez believes that only persons in authority should be allowed to carry firearms in public.

Around the time of the extended gun ban debate, Jimenez said, "Let us put a stop to this stupid idea of giving special treatment to special citizens. It should be the police that should carry firearms."

Same old drivel

It appears that Pacheco is taking a rest from media over exposure. His alternate mouthpiece came up with the following column in today’s (30 July 2010)  Inquirer.   Nothing new, same old drivel since 1990.


Ban guns in public places, P-Noy urged


Ban guns in public places, P-Noy urged

Biased TV feature

Early this Sunday, 25 July evening, TV Channel 5 featured in their program “USI” a segment titled: “Daliri sa Gatilyo” or something like that, meaning trigger finger. Host was Paolo Bediones.


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