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Airguns and Airsoft guns now excluded from definition of "Firearms" Under New Law RA 10591

The definition of "Firearm" under the new law RA 10591 is expressly defined in Art. 3 (L) which states: (l) Firearm refers to any handheld or portable weapon, whether a small arm or light weapon, that expels or is designed to expel a bullet, shot, slug, missile or any projectile, which is discharged by means of expansive force of gases from burning gunpowder or other form of combustion or any similar instrument or implement.

Promoting PROGUN to the airsoft community

Last March 27, 2011, I was invited to participate in Operation Empty Quiver which was a big airsoft event organized and hosted by Team Kamandag and held at Hacienda Escudero in Quezon. Since I was going there, I took the opportunity to promote PROGUN to the airsofter players who were there. My wife was kind enough to offer a helping hand to man the PROGUN booth and assist me during the event.

Philippine Airsoft Assault Training: PNP take Note!

This is how Philippine airsoft teams train. The PNP could learn from this, so please take note! Courtesy of Stopper of Team EMC (Cebu, UAA)

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