Ace Hardware

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Interesting Advertisement


I was going around ATC Mall this afternoon with my daughter and came across this ad from Ace Hardware for their baby bats which they are selling and marketing as a defensive weapon. It's much smaller than your regular baseball bat. What caught my attention was the "NO GUN" sign which they used as their marketing ploy. If we will look at the ad at face value it seems that they are trying to convince consumers that using a bat is a better alternative to using a gun for self-defense. I don't know about you, but when my life is at stake, I simply prefer to use a gun to protect myself and my loved ones; it is efficient and effective, period! The idea of bashing a person's skull with a bat (ala Al Capone in the untouchables) simply does not appeal to me; it's just too messy. Plus, using a bat to beat someone to death, even in self-defense, simply might not sit well with the judge; you might come off as a deranged violent psycopath.


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